2021 Winners

Standard American Beer

Gold: Manantler Craft Brewing Co. – Fifth Wheel Lager

Silver: Railway City Brewing Co. – Crew Premium Lager

Bronze: Broken Stick Brewing Company – Happy To Be Here

Honourable Mention: Kingsville Brewery – Light Eh! Lager

International Lager

Gold: Woodhouse Brewing Co. – Woodhouse Lager Beer

Silver: Cowbell Brewing Co. – Shindig

Bronze: Common Good Beer Company – Ronin Japanese Rice Lager

Czech Lager

Gold: Collective Arts Brewing – Collective Arts Toronto – Telltale Signs

Silver: Kensington Brewing Company – Normal Beer

Bronze: Flora Hall Brewing – Bohemian Style Pilsner

Pale Malty European Lager

Gold: Oranje Son Brewing – Chemistry

Silver: William Street Beer Co. – Farmstand Lager

Bronze: Stockyards Brewing – Festbier 

Honourable Mention: The Grove Brew House – 1933 Oktoberfest Lager

Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold: Trestle Brewing Company – Arrow Pilsner

Silver: Lake Of Bays Brewing Co. – Aerial View Lagered Ale

Bronze: Rouge River Brewing Company – Ridges Pilsner

Amber Malty European Lager

Gold: Cameron’s Brewing Company – Beste Bock

Silver: Royal City Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest

Bronze: The Collingwood Brewery – Freestyle Oktoberfestbier

Honourable Mention: Trestle Brewing Company – Rust Never Sleeps

Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold: Walkerville Brewery – Honest Lager

Silver: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Sticke Alt

Bronze: Northern Maverick Brewing Co. – Handcrafted Lager

Dark European Lager

Gold: Quayle’s Brewery – Silver Lining

Silver: Woodhouse Brewing Co. - Black Lager Beer

Bronze: Muddy York Brewing Co. – Black Opal Schwarzbier 

German Wheat Beer

Gold: Kingsville Brewery – Hefeweizen

Silver: Muddy York Brewing Co. – Haberdasher Hefeweizen

Bronze: Foundry Brewing – Beautiful Aurelia

British Bitter

Gold: Cowbell Brewing Co. – Absent Landlord

Silver: Muddy York Brewing Co. – Major Small Best Bitter

Bronze: Couchiching Craft Brewing Co. – Atherley Pale Ale

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold: Boshkung Brewing Co. – Kungaroo

Silver: Waterloo Brewing Ltd. – Waterloo IPA

Bronze: Longslice Brewery – Hopsta La Vista IPA

Brown British Beer

Gold: Black Gold Brewery Ltd. – What the Frack

Silver: Clifford Brewing Co. – Clifford Porter

Bronze: Overflow Brewing Company – Final Bow

Scottish Ale

Gold: Walkerville Brewery – Rob Roy Scotch Ale

Silver: (No Silver)

Bronze: (No Bronze)

Irish Beer

Gold: Longslice Brewery – The Haunting of Gibraltar Red Ale

Silver: Kensington Brewing Company – It’s a Stout

Bronze: Longslice Brewery – Slickback Stout

Dark British Beer

Gold: Storm Stayed Brewing Company – Safe Harbour

Silver: Wellington Brewery – Chocolate Milk Stout

Bronze: Muddy York Brewing Co. – Stork Derby Stout

Strong British Ale

Gold: Granite Brewery and Restaurant – Peculiar

Silver: Granite Brewery and Restaurant – Gin Lane Ale

Bronze: Sons of Kent Brewing Co. – Scotch Ale

Pale American Ale

Gold: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Naughty Neighbour

Silver: Dragan Brewing and Wine Company – Garnet

Bronze: Couchiching Craft Brewing Co. – Sunshine City Blonde Ale

Honourable Mention: The George Brewing Co. – Water Street

Amber and Brown American Beer

Gold: Cowbell Brewing Co. – Bobcat

Silver: Cameron’s Brewing Company – Ambear Red Ale

Bronze: Charlotteville Brewing Company – Wedgie Delight

American Porter and Stout

Gold: Muskoka Brewery – Winter Beard

Silver: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Stenhouse

Bronze: Walkerville Brewery – Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout


Gold: Royal City Brewing Co. – Exhibition Session IPA

Silver: Cowbell Brewing Co. – Boxing Bruin

Bronze: Overflow Brewing Company – Fair Warning

Strong American Ale

Gold: Four Fathers Brewing Co. – Extra Poppable Penguin Party Balloons

Silver: Gateway City Brewery – North Summit

Bronze: Stockyards Brewing – Missed Calls

European Sour Ale

Gold: Spark Beer – Manhire

Silver: Black Gold Brewery Ltd. – Berliner Style Weisse

Bronze: Publican House Brewery – Yuzu Sour

Belgian Ale

Gold: Clifford Brewing Co. – Obscured By Clouds (collaboration with Muddy York Brewing Co.)

Silver: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Wit Saison

Bronze: Spearhead Brewing Company – Queen of Wheat

Strong Belgian Ale

Gold: Meuse Brewing Company – Saison de la Meuse

Silver: Royal City Brewing Co. – Borrowed Time

Bronze: Spark Beer - Amiable

Trappist Ale

Gold: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Tripel

Silver: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Dubbel

Bronze: Meuse Brewing Company - 8

Historical Beer

Gold: (No Gold)

Silver: Full Beard Brewing Co. Inc. – Bearded Prospector

Bronze: (No Bronze)

American Wild Ale

Gold: Collective Arts Brewing – Jam Up the Mash

Silver: Flora Hall Brewing – Barrel-Aged Collection: Sour with Apricot

Bronze: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Zap! Pink Lemonade Sour

Honourable Mention: Little Beasts Brewing Company - Chicken

Fruit Beer

Gold: Quayle’s Brewery – Cabin Fever – Lemon Raspberry

Silver: Storm Stayed Brewing Company – Shook

Bronze: Shillow Beer Co. – Blueberry Grunt

Spiced Beer

Gold: Clifford Brewing Co. – Spider Palace

Silver: Overflow Brewing Company – Rise and Shine

Bronze: United Craft – “Tomorrow Brew Co. – Double Up Coffee Milk Stout”

Alternative Fermentables Beer

Gold: Gateway City Brewery – 137

Silver: Gateway City Brewery - 503

Smoked Beer

Gold: (No Gold)

Silver: Little Beasts Brewing Company – Ladybug

Bronze: Boshkung Brewing Co. – Campfire Rye

Wood Beer

Gold: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Double Tempest

Silver: Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Kentucky Bastard

Bronze: Amsterdam Brewing Company – Hunter’s Moon

Honourable Mention: Little Beasts Brewing Company - Odin

Specialty Beer

Gold: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Obscure Monk

Silver: Ridge Rock Brewing Company – KOPER

Bronze: Boshkung Brewing Co. – A Quaker’s Breakfast

New England IPA

Gold: Signal Brewery – Wave 

Silver: Flora Hall Brewing – North East IPA

Bronze: Wishbone Brewing Company – Carried Away

Honourable Mention: Ridge Rock Brewing Company – Guardian DDHIPA

Catharina Sour

Gold: Shacklands Brewing Co. – Razzle Blazzle

Silver: The Collingwood Brewery – Freestyle Key Lime Sour

Bronze: Wishbone Brewing Company – Jam Band Blackberry

Low Alcohol

(No medals)

Honourable Mention: Lake of Bays Brewing Co. – Low Tide


Best of Show

Amsterdam Brewing Company – Double Tempest


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