2023 Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of Ontario Brewing Awards! If you have won an award at the Ontario Brewing Awards and don’t see your beer here, please contact support@tapsmedia.com.

Best of Show Ransom Note EisbockParis Brewing and Malting2023
1. Standard American BeerGoldVimy Cream AleVimy Brewing Company2023
1. Standard American BeerSilverNickel CityStack Brewing2023
1. Standard American BeerBronzeTimberlineWishbone Brewing Company2023
2. International LagerGoldWoodhouse LagerWoodhouse Brewing2023
2. International LagerSilverCraft Cerveza Mexican LagerImperial City Brew House2023
2. International LagerBronzeSt. JacobsStockyards Brewing2023
3. Czech LagerGoldMill Race Bohemian PilsnerParis Brewing and Malting2023
3. Czech LagerSilverKing PilsnerThornbury Craft Co.2023
3. Czech LagerBronzeRiverside PilsnerSaulter Street Brewery2023
4. Pale Malty European LagerGoldFestbierMuskoka Brewery2023
4. Pale Malty European LagerSilverLazy DogParis Brewing and Malting2023
4. Pale Malty European LagerBronzeRoad HouseWishbone Brewing Company2023
5. Pale Bitter European BeerGoldOur Pet PilsnerPublican House Brewery2023
5. Pale Bitter European BeerSilverLug Tread Lagered AleBeau's Brewery2023
5. Pale Bitter European BeerBronzeArrowTrestle Brewing Company2023
6. Amber Malty European LagerGoldBEER 101 BOCKNiagara College2023
6. Amber Malty European LagerSilverDying Fire1000 Islands Brewing Company2023
6. Amber Malty European LagerBronzeJourney To MarsPaniza Brewing2023
7. Amber Bitter European BeerGoldFreudian Sip Vienna LagerMuddy York Brewing Co.2023
7. Amber Bitter European BeerSilverLoose Lips LagerLongslice Brewery2023
7. Amber Bitter European BeerBronzeImpactStack Brewing2023
8. Dark European LagerGoldBackcountry Black LagerThe Collingwood Brewery2023
8. Dark European LagerSilverDam Dark LagerThornbury Craft Co.2023
8. Dark European LagerBronzeSilver LiningQuayle's Brewery2023
9. Strong European BeerGoldRansom Note Eis BockParis Brewing and Malting2023
9. Strong European BeerSilverEin LiberatorBrauwerk Hoffman2023
9. Strong European BeerBronzeHMS SteadfastSteadfast Brewing Co.2023
10. German Wheat BeerGoldHaberdasher HefeweizenMuddy York Brewing Co.2023
10. German Wheat BeerSilverLudwig'sTaleBrauwerk Hoffman2023
10. German Wheat BeerBronzeHarbourfrontLock Street Brewing Company2023
11. British BitterGoldJ Lesk British AleGillingham Brewing Company2023
11. British BitterSilverAtherley Pale AleCouchiching Craft Brewing Co.2023
11. British BitterBronzeEnglish Ordinary BitterFlora Hall Brewing2023
12. Pale Commonwealth BeerGoldWalkerville Geronimo IPAWalkerville Brewery2023
12. Pale Commonwealth BeerSilverKungaroo IPABoshkung Brewing Co.2023
12. Pale Commonwealth BeerBronzeHopsta La Vista IPALongslice Brewery2023
13. Brown British BeerGoldCounty Brown AleWellington Brewery2023
13. Brown British BeerSilverMuddy York PorterMuddy York Brewing Co.2023
13. Brown British BeerBronzeWhat the FrackBlack Gold Brewery2023
14. Scottish AleGoldWanderlust Scottish ExportBreakwall Brewing Company2023
14. Scottish AleSilverArmourySleeping Giant Brewing Company2023
14. Scottish AleBronzeSingle Malt ScottieOld Dog Brewing Company Inc.2023
15. Irish BeerGoldBlack River StoutCouchiching Craft Brewing Co.2023
15. Irish BeerSilverWoodhouse Stout BeerWoodhouse Brewing2023
15. Irish BeerBronzeDevlin's Dry Irish1000 Islands Brewing Company2023
16. Dark British BeerGoldWalkerville Easy StoutWalkerville Brewery2023
16. Dark British BeerSilverDusk To Dawn “Celebration Stout”Dusk To Dawn Brewing Co2023
16. Dark British BeerBronzeClubhouse Oatmeal StoutThe Grove Brewing Company2023
17. Strong British AleGoldElgin's Finest Wee HeavyRailway City Brewing Co.2023
17. Strong British AleSilverBeer 101 StrongNiagara College2023
17. Strong British AleBronze500 MilesBrew Revolution2023
18. Pale American AleGoldDiving Horse Pale AleMuddy York Brewing Co.2023
18. Pale American AleSilverMondoMascot Brewery2023
18. Pale American AleBronzeHalf DecadeStockyards Brewing2023
19. Amber and Brown American BeerGoldOn The Banks of The MattagamiFull Beard Brewing2023
19. Amber and Brown American BeerSilverAngry RedheadBlack Gold Brewery2023
19. Amber and Brown American BeerBronzeGougounes RoussesBrasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc.2023
20. American Porter and StoutGoldWalkerville Brewery Imperial StoutWalkerville Brewery2023
20. American Porter and StoutSilverRain MakerThe Second Wedge Brewing Company2023
20. American Porter and StoutBronzeThe SummoningBreakwall Brewing Company2023
21. IPAGoldWest Coast IPAFlora Hall Brewing2023
21. IPASilverThunderheadCanvas Brewing Company2023
21. IPABronzeMad TomMuskoka Brewery2023
22. Strong American AleGoldFrost HammerMascot Brewery2023
22. Strong American AleSilverBarnyard BullyParis Brewing and Malting2023
22. Strong American AleBronzeThe Eye OpenerTwo Water Brewing2023
23. European Sour AleGoldMinuit au CerisierMeuse Brewing Company2023
23. European Sour AleSilverManhireSpark Beer2023
23. European Sour AleBronzePickle Rick - GoseFocal Brewing Co.2023
24. Belgian AleGoldEn Garde!Charlotteville Brewing Company2023
24. Belgian AleSilverUltra SummerMerit Brewing Co Inc.2023
24. Belgian AleBronzeWalkerville Waterfront WitWalkerville Brewery2023
25. Strong Belgian AleGoldLa CLocheStack Brewing2023
25. Strong Belgian AleSilverSaison de la MeuseMeuse Brewing Company2023
25. Strong Belgian AleBronzeHomesteader's Table BeerCold Bear Brewing Company Ltd2023
26. Monastic AleGoldDT Belgian TripelGillingham Brewing Company2023
26. Monastic AleSilverTriple ThreatBrock Street Brewing Company2023
26. Monastic AleBronzeTripelSkeleton Park Brewery2023
27. Historical BeerGoldThe Legend of Bernard GrodziskieMuddy York Brewing Co.2023
27. Historical BeerSilverBearded ProspectorFull Beard Brewing2023
27. Historical BeerBronzeBlind PigMono Centre Brewing Co.2023
28. American Wild AleGoldFêteSpark Beer2023
28. American Wild AleSilverRaspberry Rhubarb SourThe Blue Elephant2023
28. American Wild AleBronzeBlue Honeysuckle SourThornbury Craft Co.2023
29. Fruit BeerGoldCerveza BaronesaGateway City Brewery2023
29. Fruit BeerSilverOff The DockFull Beard Brewing2023
29. Fruit BeerBronzeJam StandNickel Brook Brewing2023
30. Spiced BeerGoldCrème Brew-lée StoutBeau's Brewery2023
30. Spiced BeerSilverWinter WarmerImperial City Brew House2023
30. Spiced BeerBronzeSalted Caramel RippleQuayle's Brewery2023
31. Alternative Fermentables BeerGoldSugar ShackShacklands Brewing Co.2023
31. Alternative Fermentables BeerSilverSilver BeachGateway City Brewery2023
31. Alternative Fermentables BeerBronzeBeez NutzBrew Revolution2023
32. Smoked BeerGoldLoggerNatterjack Brewing Co., Ltd.2023
32. Smoked BeerSilverSmoked Red AleTurkey Shoot Brewing Co.2023
32. Smoked BeerBronzeTagwerk Smoked Oat PorterParis Brewing and Malting2023
33. Wood BeerGoldMammothSons of Kent Brewing Company2023
33. Wood BeerSilverBlack Forest CakeParis Brewing and Malting2023
33. Wood BeerBronzeBarrel Aged StoutKingsville Brewery2023
34. Specialty BeerGoldHappy PlaceMerit Brewing Co Inc.2023
34. Specialty BeerSilverGet JuicedImperial City Brew House2023
34. Specialty BeerBronzeObscure MonkShacklands Brewing Co.2023
35. New England IPAGoldNorth East IPAFlora Hall Brewing2023
35. New England IPASilverUpside IPAWellington Brewery2023
35. New England IPABronze20 Hazy YearsSilversmith Brewing Company2023
36 . Catharina SourGoldIsland BreezeConcession Road Brewing Co.2023
36 . Catharina SourSilverRefresher Raspberry LimeBeau's Brewery2023
36 . Catharina SourBronzeGood Odds Cranberry & Orange SourWellington Brewery2023
37 . No to Low-Alcohol BeerGoldWoodhouse Alcohol Free IPAWoodhouse Brewing2023
37 . No to Low-Alcohol BeerSilverSpry BeerCold Bear Brewing Company Ltd2023
37 . No to Low-Alcohol BeerBronzeWoodhouse Alcohol Free LagerWoodhouse Brewing2023
38. Low-Alcohol BeerGoldClever HansParis Brewing and Malting2023
38. Low-Alcohol BeerSilverLake Of Bays Low Tide 90 Calorie IPALake Of Bays Brewing Co.2023
38. Low-Alcohol BeerBronzeLake Of Bays Near Shore 90 Calorie Hazy Pale AleLake Of Bays Brewing Co.2023
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