IMPORTANT DATES for 2022 Competition

Competition Registration deadline: Monday, August 8, 2022 **Monday, September 12, 2022** (late evening)

Entry Samples must be received by: Monday, August 15, 2022 **Friday, September 16, 2022** (morning)



The Ontario Brewing Awards has 38 main beer Categories, a number of which are a combination of multiple beer styles, and a "Best of Show" award. Beer entries will be assessed by Beer Judge Certification Program ("BJCP") Judges of varying rank designations. Categories are based on the 2021 edition of the BJCP guidelines.



The competition is open to all Canadian-owned commercial brewers and beer brands whose products are produced and packaged in Ontario. All brands that are Ontario-made but not Canadian-owned will be critiqued but not be eligible for an award. Beers submitted must currently be, have previously been, or will be, available for legal sale and consumption by the public.



Visit to complete your entry form. Please ensure the form is completed based on how you want the Company name and Beer's name to appear on the Award.

There are no limits to the number of entries a brewery can enter.
You may submit multiple different brands in the same style category, but each brand may only be entered in 1 (One) style category.

Submit 6 (Six) bottles/cans of each beer brand entered.  Bottles/Cans do not require professional artwork or a professional label -- Hand-written identifiers are acceptable. The Canadian Brewing Awards will not accept beer in keg format. Ensure all boxes are labeled with COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT NAME, and CATEGORY NUMBER or NUMBER. Companies submitting non-pasteurized products are encouraged to ship using overnight delivery with arrival on a week day -- no one will be on site Saturdays or Sundays to receive delivery. Samples will be kept in proper refrigeration prior to judging.

NOTE: We request multiple bottles/cans of your products for two reasons: Firstly, to ensure if your beer advances to further rounds, which often happen a day or two later,  there are still fresh samples available for new judging. Secondly, in the event that breakage, spillage, or spoilage occurs, we avoid the delay waiting for shipments of replacement products.

It is your responsibility to ensure all beers are packed tightly in shipping boxes to avoid breakage. We strongly suggest you pad Bottles in bubble wrap. Preferably no "packing peanuts". All beers received will immediately be refrigerated and categorized for the competition. If entering more than one product, you may ship them together, however, please separate the samples by category within the package and label accordingly.

Online Registration ends on Monday, August 8, 2022 **Monday, September 12, 2022**. Samples will be stored in refrigeration prior to judging. 




Beer entry samples must be received by Monday, August 15, 2022 **Friday, September 16, 2022** (morning)

Please ship / hand-deliver all packages to:

**Please fill out this form, print a copy, and attach to the corresponding package.**



The Ontario Brewing Awards are sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program ("BJCP"). Entries will be assessed by BJCP Judges of varying rank designations. Judges will be organized into teams of 2 or 3 Judges with each team focused on a specific beer style category. Judging will be based on adherence to the published 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines. Consult the 2021 edition of the BJCP Style Guidelines to determine the appropriate Ontario Brewing Awards competition Category for each submission.

Awards will be presented in each beer style category at the Ontario Brewing Awards ceremony in the Fall 2022 (Date and Location details will be announced later).

Following the Awards ceremony, brands will receive Judges' feedback / tasting notes on each of their submissions.

Please note: A Category with less than 5 entries may be eliminated or compressed into a similar style category. The Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze award may not be presented to a beer if the Judges determine the score as not suitable to be presented an Award.



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