Packaging & Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions

You may ship or drop off your entries directly to the warehouse.

September 18 – September 29, 2023 between 10 am – 4 pm

Ontario Brewing Awards
947 Burlington St E, Unit 1
Hamilton, ON
L8L 4K5

Please download this identification document, fill in the information, and attach a physical copy to your shipping box(es).
**All brands not using, or missed, either Coast group shipping option must send their beer entries here**

Labeling Instructions

Although it’s always nice to look at, we do not require bottles and cans to have professional artwork or professional labels. The only label we ask you to put on the entry is the one provided to you in your Brewers Portal.

What to do:

  • Ensure that the information on the label matches exactly with the entries you have registered for the competition, as any discrepancy can result in issues during sorting and judging. The Ontario Brewing Awards will not be liable for any problems that may arise due to incorrect labeling.
  • Print the provided labels and attach one label to each bottle securely using an adhesive material such as adhesive labels, packing tape, or glue.
  • Place the labels horizontally in the center of the can or bottle. The label should be easily legible when the can or bottle is placed upright

What not to do:

  • Do not write labels by hand.
  • Do not attach the label using a method that may cause the label to fall off in transit or during sorting.
  • Do not place the label on the top of the can or bottle.

Packaging Instructions

  1. Pack 6 (Six) bottles/cans of each beer brand/SKU entered.  The Ontario Brewing Awards will not accept beer in keg format. Growlers and Howlers are discouraged. Companies submitting non-pasteurized products are encouraged to ship using overnight delivery (not for Saturday or Sunday delivery). Samples will be kept in proper refrigeration prior to judging.
  2. Print 2 copies of the packing list for each box. Place one inside the box and keep one for your record. This will ensure that we can quickly resolve any an issue arises during shipping.
  3. Ensure all beers are packed tightly in shipping boxes to avoid breakage. We strongly suggest you wrap each bottle securely in bubble wrap. Presume your beer will not be treated as Fragile or kept the correct way facing up within the postal system. All beers received will be refrigerated for the competition. You may ship multiple entries together. However, please separate the entry samples by category within the package and label accordingly.
  4. Ensure all boxes are labeled with COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT NAME, QUANTITY, and STYLE CATEGORY NUMBER. (downloadable shipping identification document in section below).

Download Shipping Identification Document

NOTE: We ask for multiple bottles/cans of your products for two reasons: Firstly, to ensure if your beer advances to further rounds, which often happen a day or two later,  there are still fresh samples available for judging. Secondly, in the event that breakage, spillage, or spoilage occurs, we avoid the delay waiting for shipments of replacement products.

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