2022 Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of Ontario Brewing Awards! If you have won an award at the Ontario Brewing Awards and don’t see your beer here, please contact info@ontariobrewingawards.com.

Best Of Show Jam Stand - Raspberry Berliner Weisse w/ Vanilla & HibiscusNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
Standard American BeerGoldKillarney Cream AleManitoulin Brewing Company2022
Standard American BeerSilverNo Bad DazeNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
Standard American BeerBronzeTread LightlyMuskoka Brewery2022
International LagerGoldLine 12Quayle's Brewery2022
International LagerSilverAdventure Series - CervezaCalabogie Brewing Company2022
International LagerBronzeShindigCowbell Brewing Co.2022
Czech LagerGoldMill Race Bohemian PilsnerThe Paris Beer Company2022
Czech LagerSilverJagged Little PilsnerStray Dog Brewing Company2022
Czech LagerBronzeCrystal ParkStockyards Brewing2022
Pale Malty European LagerGoldGaslight Helles LagerMuddy York Brewing Co.2022
Pale Malty European LagerSilverTheresienwiese FestbierCommon Good Beer Company2022
Pale Malty European LagerBronzeBig World,Small Batch: Greetings from GermanyMuskoka Brewery2022
Pale Bitter European BeerGoldRight BauerQuayle's Brewery2022
Pale Bitter European BeerSilverLittle ThrillsGrain & Grit Beer Co. Ltd.2022
Pale Bitter European BeerBronzeArrow PilsnerTrestle Brewing Company2022
Amber Malty European LagerGoldLoose Lips LagerLongslice Brewery2022
Amber Malty European LagerSilverMärzen LagerAnderson Craft Ales2022
Amber Malty European LagerBronzeMärzenNorthern Maverick Brewing Co.2022
Amber Bitter European BeerGoldAltbierWaterloo Brewing2022
Amber Bitter European BeerSilverLadder Run Amber LagerThornbury Craft Co.2022
Amber Bitter European BeerBronzeHandcrafted LagerNorthern Maverick Brewing Co.2022
Dark European LagerGoldHead Gate DunkelThe Paris Beer Company2022
Dark European LagerSilverJack's Black LagerGillingham Brewing Company2022
Dark European LagerBronzeBlack SailLock Street Brewing Company2022
Strong European BeerGoldRansom NoteThe Paris Beer Company2022
Strong European BeerSilverEin LiberatorBrauwerk Hoffman Rockland2022
German Wheat BeerGoldHefeweizenKingsville Brewery2022
German Wheat BeerSilverFreestyle Series HefeweizenThe Collingwood Brewery2022
German Wheat BeerBronzeGeorge the Ghost Blood Orange HefeweizenThe Grove Brewing Company2022
British BitterGoldProper English AleSkeleton Park Brewery2022
British BitterSilverArkell Best BitterWellington Brewery2022
British BitterBronzeSpecial Pale AleWellington Brewery2022
Pale Commonwealth BeerGoldKungarooBoshkung Brewing Co.2022
Pale Commonwealth BeerSilverDrop BearFull Beard Brewing Co. Inc.2022
Pale Commonwealth BeerBronzeHopsta La VistaLongslice Brewery2022
Pale Commonwealth BeerHonourable MentionLocustKick & Push Brewing Company Ltd.2022
Brown British BeerGoldMuddy York PorterMuddy York Brewing Co.2022
Brown British BeerSilverClifford PorterClifford Brewing Co.2022
Brown British BeerBronzeCounty Brown AleWellington Brewery2022
Irish BeerGoldWoodhouse Stout BeerJunction Craft Beverage Co.2022
Irish BeerSilverIrish RedRiverhead Brewing Company2022
Irish BeerBronzeKeefe's Irish StoutGranite Brewery & Restaurant2022
Dark British BeerGoldChocolate Milk StoutWellington Brewery2022
Dark British BeerSilverSkull Rock StoutSleeping Giant Brewing Co.2022
Dark British BeerBronzeLoonSong Oats StoutSplit Rail Brewing Company2022
Strong British AleGoldRelax AliceKick & Push Brewing Company Ltd.2022
Strong British AleSilverGin Lane Barley WineGranite Brewery & Restaurant2022
Strong British AleBronzeRideau Lakes Red AleWestport Brewing Company2022
Pale American AleGoldDrifterMuskoka Brewery2022
Pale American AleSilverUpper Rideau Blonde AleWestport Brewing Company2022
Pale American AleBronzeSmooth HoperatorFRANK Brewing Co.2022
Amber And Brown American BeerGoldCalifornia CommonThe Grove Brewing Company2022
Amber And Brown American BeerSilverKnickers In A KnotBig Rig Brewery2022
Amber And Brown American BeerBronzeAmberAnderson Craft Ales2022
American Porter And StoutGoldBlack River StoutCouchiching Craft Brewing Co.2022
American Porter And StoutSilverImperial StoutWellington Brewery2022
American Porter And StoutBronzeLaura Secord's Long TrekHenderson Brewing Co.2022
IPAGoldAlpha Bomb IPABig Rig Brewery2022
IPASilverHoppetSleeping Giant Brewing Co.2022
IPABronzePacific DreamsStockyards Brewing2022
IPAHonourable MentionDark PrinceTilted Glass Brewing Co.2022
Strong American AleGoldBarnyard BullyThe Paris Beer Company2022
Strong American AleSilverBad RobotCameron's Brewing Company2022
Strong American AleBronzeNo CoastNorthern Maverick Brewing Co.2022
Strong American AleHonourable MentionFaces Double IPA w/ Cascade & ChinookWellington Brewery2022
European Sour AleGoldManhireSpark Beer2022
European Sour AleSilverGravity WellBeau's Brewing Co.2022
European Sour AleBronzeVoices Carry Raspberry & CherrySpark Beer2022
Belgian AleGoldOne World WitKarbon Brewing Co.2022
Belgian AleSilverSpecial Belgian AleShacklands Brewing Co.2022
Belgian AleBronzeBelgian WitRiverhead Brewing Company2022
Strong Belgian AleGoldSaison de la MeuseMeuse Brewing Company2022
Strong Belgian AleSilverSaison DavenportShacklands Brewing Co.2022
Strong Belgian AleBronzeMinuetShacklands Brewing Co.2022
Monastic AleGoldDeep 6 (2022)Lake of the Woods Brewing Company2022
Monastic AleSilverRush Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary AleHenderson Brewing Co.2022
Monastic AleBronzeExtraMeuse Brewing Company2022
Historical BeerGoldBearded ProspectorFull Beard Brewing Co. Inc.2022
Historical BeerSilverTrust No OneFolly Brewpub2022
Historical BeerBronzeAutumn FyreSkeleton Park Brewery2022
American Wild AleGoldCherry Training WheelsFixed Gear Brewing Co.2022
American Wild AleSilverPassion Fruit Orange Guava SourThornbury Craft Co.2022
American Wild AleBronzeDry Hopped Sour AleFlora Hall Brewing2022
Fruit BeerGoldJam Stand - Raspberry Berliner Weisse w/ Vanilla & HibiscusNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
Fruit BeerSilverVoices Carry RockaberrySpark Beer2022
Fruit BeerBronzeBlack Currant Pomegranate SaisonWaterloo Brewing2022
Fruit BeerHonourable MentionCelebration 2.0Wishbone Brewing Company2022
Spiced BeerGoldImperial Stout with Cocoa Nibs and CoffeeFlora Hall Brewing2022
Spiced BeerSilverSpruced Up IPAKensington Brewing Company2022
Spiced BeerBronzeRoasted Banana Pepper AleBackyard Brewing & Supplies Inc.2022
Spiced BeerHonourable MentionGround RulesWishbone Brewing Company2022
Alternative Fermentables BeerGoldDysfunctional MallGateway City Brewery2022
Alternative Fermentables BeerSilver503Gateway City Brewery2022
Alternative Fermentables BeerBronze137Gateway City Brewery2022
Smoked BeerGoldThe LoggerNatterjack Brewing Company Ltd.2022
Smoked BeerSilverTagwerk Smoked Oat PorterThe Paris Beer Company2022
Wood BeerGoldFour BarrelsStockyards Brewing2022
Wood BeerSilverSkullkrusherThe Merchant Ale House2022
Wood BeerBronzeBarberian's Rare AleHenderson Brewing Co.2022
Wood BeerHonourable MentionKentucky BastardNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
Specialty BeerGoldElpidaTurkey Shoot Brewing Co.2022
Specialty BeerSilverBongo Grapefruit RadlerBig Rig Brewery2022
Specialty BeerBronzeCoast to CoastCameron's Brewing Company2022
New England IPAGoldTongue TiedNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
New England IPASilverDock Days IPAWestport Brewing Company2022
New England IPABronzeHorizon Hazy IPACanvas Brewing Co.2022
New England IPAHonourable MentionJuiced Up AFBeau's Brewing Co.2022
Catharina SourGoldRazzle BlazzleShacklands Brewing Company2022
Catharina SourSilverStrawberry SourAnderson Craft Ales X Heeman's2022
Catharina SourBronzeBraided Roads - Orange CreamsicleStockyards Brewing2022
No To Low-Alcohol BeerGoldFalse Start Non - Alc MärzenHarmon's Craft Brewing2022
No To Low-Alcohol BeerSilverLunchbox Non - Alc Lagered AleHarmon's Craft Brewing2022
No To Low-Alcohol BeerBronzeAmber LagerRival House Limited2022
Low-Alcohol BeerGoldLow Tide 90 Calorie IPALake of Bays Brewing Company2022
Low-Alcohol BeerSilverClever HansThe Paris Beer Company2022
Low-Alcohol BeerBronzeStay Rad Lemon 'N' Lime RadlerNickel Brook Brewing Co.2022
Best of Show Double TempestAmsterdam Brewing Company2021
Standard American BeerGoldFifth Wheel LagerManantler Craft Brewing Co.2021
Standard American BeerSilverCrew Premium LagerRailway City Brewing Co.2021
Standard American BeerBronzeHappy To Be HereBroken Stick Brewing Company2021
Standard American BeerHonourable MentionLight Eh! LagerKingsville Brewery2021
International LagerGoldWoodhouse Lager BeerWoodhouse Brewing Co.2021
International LagerSilverShindigCowbell Brewing Co.2021
International LagerBronzeRonin Japanese Rice LagerCommon Good Beer Company2021
Czech LagerGoldCollective Arts Toronto - Telltale SignsCollective Arts Brewing2021
Czech LagerSilverNormal BeerKensington Brewing Company2021
Czech LagerBronzeBohemian Style PilsnerFlora Hall Brewing2021
Pale Malty European LagerGoldChemistryOranje Son Brewing2021
Pale Malty European LagerSilverFarmstand LagerWilliam Street Beer Co.2021
Pale Malty European LagerBronzeFestbier Stockyards Brewing2021
Pale Malty European LagerHonourable Mention1933 Oktoberfest LagerThe Grove Brew House2021
Pale Bitter European BeerGoldArrow PilsnerTrestle Brewing Company2021
Pale Bitter European BeerSilverAerial View Lagered AleLake Of Bays Brewing Co.2021
Pale Bitter European BeerBronzeRidges PilsnerRouge River Brewing Company2021
Amber Malty European LagerGoldBeste BockCameron's Brewing Company2021
Amber Malty European LagerSilverOktoberfestRoyal City Brewing Co.2021
Amber Malty European LagerBronzeFreestyle OktoberfestbierThe Collingwood Brewery2021
Amber Malty European LagerHonourable MentionRust Never SleepsTrestle Brewing Company2021
Amber Bitter European BeerGoldHonest LagerWalkerville Brewery2021
Amber Bitter European BeerSilverSticke AltAmsterdam Brewing Company2021
Amber Bitter European BeerBronzeHandcrafted LagerNorthern Maverick Brewing Co.2021
Dark European LagerGoldSilver LiningQuayle's Brewery2021
Dark European LagerSilverBlack Lager BeerWoodhouse Brewing Co.2021
Dark European LagerBronzeBlack Opal Schwarzbier Muddy York Brewing Co.2021
German Wheat BeerGoldHefeweizenKingsville Brewery2021
German Wheat BeerSilverHaberdasher HefeweizenMuddy York Brewing Co.2021
German Wheat BeerBronzeBeautiful AureliaFoundry Brewing2021
British BitterGoldAbsent LandlordCowbell Brewing Co.2021
British BitterSilverMajor Small Best BitterMuddy York Brewing Co.2021
British BitterBronzeAtherley Pale AleCouchiching Craft Brewing Co.2021
Pale Commonwealth BeerGoldKungarooBoshkung Brewing Co.2021
Pale Commonwealth BeerSilverWaterloo IPAWaterloo Brewing Ltd.2021
Pale Commonwealth BeerBronzeHopsta La Vista IPALongslice Brewery2021
Brown British BeerGoldWhat the FrackBlack Gold Brewery Ltd.2021
Brown British BeerSilverClifford PorterClifford Brewing Co.2021
Brown British BeerBronzeFinal BowOverflow Brewing Company2021
Scottish AleGoldRob Roy Scotch AleWalkerville Brewery2021
Irish BeerGoldThe Haunting of Gibraltar Red AleLongslice Brewery2021
Irish BeerSilverIt's a StoutKensington Brewing Company2021
Irish BeerBronzeSlickback StoutLongslice Brewery2021
Dark British BeerGoldSafe HarbourStorm Stayed Brewing Company2021
Dark British BeerSilverChocolate Milk StoutWellington Brewery2021
Dark British BeerBronzeStork Derby StoutMuddy York Brewing Co.2021
Strong British AleGoldPeculiarGranite Brewery and Restaurant2021
Strong British AleSilverGin Lane AleGranite Brewery and Restaurant2021
Strong British AleBronzeScotch AleSons of Kent Brewing Co.2021
Pale American AleGoldNaughty NeighbourNickel Brook Brewing Co.2021
Pale American AleSilverGarnetDragan Brewing and Wine Company2021
Pale American AleBronzeSunshine City Blonde AleCouchiching Craft Brewing Co.2021
Pale American AleHonourable MentionWater StreetThe George Brewing Co.2021
Amber and Brown American BeerGoldBobcatCowbell Brewing Co.2021
Amber and Brown American BeerSilverAmbear Red AleCameron's Brewing Company2021
Amber and Brown American BeerBronzeWedgie DelightCharlotteville Brewing Company2021
American Porter and StoutGoldWinter BeardMuskoka Brewery2021
American Porter and StoutSilverStenhouseAmsterdam Brewing Company2021
American Porter and StoutBronzeKremlin Russian Imperial StoutWalkerville Brewery2021
IPAGoldExhibition Session IPARoyal City Brewing Co.2021
IPASilverBoxing BruinCowbell Brewing Co.2021
IPABronzeFair WarningOverflow Brewing Company2021
Strong American AleGoldExtra Poppable Penguin Party BalloonsFour Fathers Brewing Co.2021
Strong American AleSilverNorth SummitGateway City Brewery2021
Strong American AleBronzeMissed CallsStockyards Brewing2021
European Sour AleGoldManhireSpark Beer2021
European Sour AleSilverBerliner Style WeisseBlack Gold Brewery Ltd.2021
European Sour AleBronzeYuzu SourPublican House Brewery2021
Belgian AleGoldObscured By Clouds (collaboration with Muddy York Brewing Co.)Clifford Brewing Co.2021
Belgian AleSilverWit SaisonShacklands Brewing Co.2021
Belgian AleBronzeQueen of WheatSpearhead Brewing Company2021
Strong Belgian AleGoldSaison de la MeuseMeuse Brewing Company2021
Strong Belgian AleSilverBorrowed TimeRoyal City Brewing Co.2021
Strong Belgian AleBronzeAmiableSpark Beer2021
Trappist AleGoldTripelShacklands Brewing Co.2021
Trappist AleSilverDubbelShacklands Brewing Co.2021
Trappist AleBronze8Meuse Brewing Company2021
Historical BeerSilverBearded ProspectorFull Beard Brewing Co. Inc.2021
American Wild AleGoldJam Up the MashCollective Arts Brewing2021
American Wild AleSilverBarrel - Aged Collection: Sour with ApricotFlora Hall Brewing2021
American Wild AleBronzeZap! Pink Lemonade SourNickel Brook Brewing Co.2021
American Wild AleHonourable MentionChickenLittle Beasts Brewing Company2021
Fruit BeerGoldCabin Fever - Lemon RaspberryQuayle's Brewery2021
Fruit BeerSilverShookStorm Stayed Brewing Company2021
Fruit BeerBronzeBlueberry GruntShillow Beer Co.2021
Spiced BeerGoldSpider PalaceClifford Brewing Co.2021
Spiced BeerSilverRise and ShineOverflow Brewing Company2021
Spiced BeerBronzeTomorrow Brew Co. - Double Up Coffee Milk StoutUnited Craft2021
Alternative Fermentables BeerGold137Gateway City Brewery2021
Alternative Fermentables BeerSilver503Gateway City Brewery2021
Smoked BeerSilverLadybugLittle Beasts Brewing Company2021
Smoked BeerBronzeCampfire RyeBoshkung Brewing Co.2021
Wood BeerGoldDouble TempestAmsterdam Brewing Company2021
Wood BeerSilverKentucky BastardNickel Brook Brewing Co.2021
Wood BeerBronzeHunter's MoonAmsterdam Brewing Company2021
Wood BeerHonourable MentionOdinLittle Beasts Brewing Company2021
Specialty BeerGoldObscure MonkShacklands Brewing Co.2021
Specialty BeerSilverKOPERRidge Rock Brewing Company2021
Specialty BeerBronzeA Quaker's BreakfastBoshkung Brewing Co.2021
New England IPAGoldWave Signal Brewery2021
New England IPASilverNorth East IPAFlora Hall Brewing2021
New England IPABronzeCarried AwayWishbone Brewing Company2021
New England IPAHonourable MentionGuardian DDHIPARidge Rock Brewing Company2021
Catharina SourGoldRazzle BlazzleShacklands Brewing Co.2021
Catharina SourSilverFreestyle Key Lime SourThe Collingwood Brewery2021
Catharina SourBronzeJam Band BlackberryWishbone Brewing Company2021
Low AlcoholHonourable MentionLow TideLake of Bays Brewing Co.2021
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